Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guyk is much improved

I was sleeping in my recliner so I could be close to Guyk in his recliner. The pups took the couch. Three nights we sleep this way. Then last night Guyk was better so I went to bed. I feel so much better. Guyk is much improved and the bed was wonderful.

After I had back surgery, the recliner is the worst place for me to sleep. Guyk is looking forward to when he can sleep in the bed. But for now he has to stay in a position where his shoulder is elevated.

We thought they only did microscopic surgery, but they cut open his shoulder too.
He is working very hard on his exercises they told him to do in rehab.

He is looking forward to shooting guns again with catfish and going fishing.

My treadmill works greats. I love it.

I wanted to thank everyone for encouraging him in his recovery. He loves his blog site. He loves talking to so many wonderful friends.

Thanks for coming by. See you later.


pamibe said...

I love hearing that Guy is improving! Thanks for the update. :)

H2o said...

Good news all around. You take care of yourself too.

Jan said...

I'm glad that he's doing so well, and hoping that soon everything will be back to normal for you guys.

Anonymous said...

So glad it is going well, you can deny it all you want, but the stress is awful. It is always that way, Guy is one lucky fellow to have such a caring 'nurse'. Thank you and don't neglect your own rest.:)

Chevy Rose said...

Guy needs to invent a fishing rod that "shoots" the line out. That might be easier on his shoulder in the future.
I'm using my treadmill alittle late at night (it's in the garage). You've inspired me.

none said...

Glad the recovery is going so well.

I had to sleep in a recliner for 2 months when I had pnemonia and I hated it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you can get back in your bed. I have back problems so I can sympathize, but I know you'd do anything for Guy and that's what so great about you two; rock solid. Hope you both get back to normal real soon.

Nancy said...

Good news is welcomed all the time. Y'all take care!

Marian Ann Love said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Penny on GuyK...glad he is getting better...Take care of yourself and get your rest as well.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Pamibe, h2o, & Jan.

Thanks, Jack. I am waking up feeling rested after I went back to my bed. Your right, the stress is awful.

Maybe Chevy Rose, if he could shot the line out on the fishing rod, he could get in his need to shot and fish, you think? Thanks. Glad you are on your treadmill. Keep up the good work. It is good for all that ails you. Thanks.

I bet you did, Hammer. Guy is sick of his recliner. I am just glad that we bought one with sleeping in it as a requirement.

Thanks, Rocky.

Thanks, Nancy & Marian.