Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Morning All

Guyk is doing well with his rotator cuff repair. He is able to use his right arm more and more. He is not wearing his sling at all now. He is still in pain at times.

I have to have a breast biopsy. The doctor states a 10% change of cancer but a 90% that it is not. I had a biopsy back in 1996. Then they took a scoop out from around the identified area. This doctor states now they take only as much as necessary.

It is suppose to be about 69 degrees today and cooler tomorrow. It has been like summer time weather around here.

Thanks for coming by. See you later.


JDP said...

Glad GuyK is making progress. Will keep you in my prayers. Hope the news on the biopsy is good.


pamibe said...

Prayers going up for you and your doctor! [and Guyk of course]

Nancy said...

Positive thought out to you and Guy.

May you both be well.

Jan said...

Sure hope everything turns out okay, sweetthing.

You and guyk are in my prayers.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, everyone.

GUYK said...

Thanks for putting up with me and taking care of me sweetthing...I could not have done this one alone Love you.

none said...

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope all goes well.

Larry said...

The very, very best to you, SweetThing.