Friday, July 27, 2007

How great to be a blogger.

A lot of you have told me that you feel you know me because Guyk has talked about me so much. I feel the same way about a lot of you because Guyk has talked about how much he enjoys talking to you and reading your blogs. In addition, several of you are responsible for Guyk having a blog.

Guyk's spirit was so uplifted when he began his own blog. He is so intelligent and he has a way of telling a really good story. When we go on trips, he gives me history lessons on the various areas as we pass through. Makes the trip shorter.

My blog has been made so much more enjoyable because I have met so many of you. When I met you, I had not read your blogs because Guyk spent so much time at the computer and I am a slow reader. Plus his office is set up for him, chair and all. But since we came back from vacation, I have taken over the laptop and created my own space in the dinning room.

If you have not been to a blog meet, you should really try to go. I am basically a shy person but I allowed Guyk to push me into the blog mets we have attended because I knew how much he wanted to go.

On our way to Kerrville, Texas, Guyk continued to tell me about those of you that he hoped would attend. I had met Catfish and Livey previously in Georgia at Catfish's home. Catfish and his wife live in the woods in Georgia. They also have plenty of room to park an RV. We did not have an RV at the time, but we do now.

At Kerrville, I met Shoe and her children, Erica, Becky, the shoe polish culprit, Hammer, Walrilla and Robert, Leslie, Jerry the confabulator, Denny, Jimbo, Matt(who I just discovered is the Baboon Pirate), Jerry Wiley, Jim Seigler, Nancy and her husb and Richie the pup.

While we were at Kerrville Guyk turned 65. The group gave him an hilarious birthday party. They gave him placks telling him how great he was and signed them on the back. He treasures them very much.

After Kerrville, I met Rex and Denise, Rex's dad Hershel, and Dear Marian and Dear Bob at Rex's hunting lodge at the Christmas Place. They have up their 4 of July plans to put us up for a few days. We were on our way home from Oklahoma.

It wasn't until we got home, that Guyk set me up a blog site with the help of several of you great bloggers. It was at that time that I first saw your blogs. Some of you have been at it awhile. Others are fairly new but not as new as me.

All of you have made me feel very welcome. You have encouraged me and made me feel very special. In addition, it is easier to go to my exercise program because you have praised me so much for doing it.

You have enriched my life so much. I am very proud to be on your blog role.



GUYK said...

ahhh, sweetthing, you make me blush

Dick said...

Blogging's a hoot.
I've been at it a day or two now.
Glad to have ya with us!

BobG said...

Seems like all the bloggers I'd like to meet live quite a ways away. Most of them seem to be in Texas or the South.

Chevy Rose said...

Dang, I've been saying the same thing for couple of years, but you just said it better.
Blogging is the missing link to otherwise boring Internet reading.

Maeve said...

It is really nice how the internet has opened up a whole new world for people to meet that you other wise would have not.
I hope to meet you and your darling husband some day. Keep up the great work on the treadmill.

H2o said...

Now this is why you have the name Sweetthing. What a sweetheart of a post. I was so happy to meet you and Guy back in May and I promise never to come near the red Ram with polish again.

NICKEL said...

Always glad to have a comment from you, dick. You have such a large following and my blog is so small.

NICKEL said...

Well, BobG, one of the bloggers that we would like to met and go fishing with lives in Oregon, his blog site is River Dog. We need a larger truck with 4 wheel drive to get there.

We have plans to go one day in the next couple of years. It would be fun to stop by and see you.

In the meantime, come to Helen, Ga in October and met some great bloggers.

NICKEL said...

You said it, Chevy Rose. Is your house dry yet?

NICKEL said...

Maeve, thanks for your encouragement with the treadmill. I try to think about what I will write about while I am walking on it. I also tried to memorize the lake in Okla where we camped while on vacation an then try to put myself there while I walk. But nothing beats that personal comment from my readers. Thanks so much.

NICKEL said...

Becky, I hope you are felling better.

Never fear, you will never live down the shoe polish.

Face it, you and that other bunch of nuts were having a great time. Glad you did.

Hope to see you in Helen in October.

Marian Ann Love said...

Penny - It was such a pleasure to meet you and GuyK. When you meet someone in person you become very close. You are a very sweet lady and I'm so glad to have you for my friend. The first time I ever saw waved at me! That was the beginning of good memories. You take care! Hope to see you again at the Bloggers Summit next year!
Dear Marian and Dear Bob!

Anonymous said...

Oh I've met a couple of those bloggers you met, and you picked a good group to hang with.

NICKEL said...

Dear Marian, I was sorry to hear Dear Bob was in the hospital with another heart attack. I hope he is much improved.

Thank you so much for all your trouble in Ms. You went out of your way to take us to Rex's place. Guyk was so relieved to see you and so was I.

Thanks again. Say hi to Dear Bob for us.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Bou. So when are we going to met you?

Northwoods Woman said...

Well all I remember from our meeting was the "Quit playing with yourself so much and your arm won't go numb!"
I can only imagine how fun you are now after your surgery! I hope to see my son and granddaugther again soon!
You're doing a great job, with the blog and with the treadmill. Keep up the good work!
Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

Anonymous said...

Trust me. The pleasure was all ours. You've got a heart of gold to put up with a crusty old fart like GuyK (he's a sweatheart too actually). I'm so glad we crossed paths in Texas. I'm gonna try to make Helen, GA in the fall.