Saturday, July 21, 2007

That's a girl, sweetthing!

I did my upper body exercises with 10 lb weights and stayed on the tread mill for 45 minutes. The trouble with the tread mill is that you don't have a cheering section, where at the lake there was always someone to cheer me on. So I must rely on my new blogger friends to say good job!

We worked in the yard and had some of that great catfish for lunch.

It was a good day. Thanks for coming by.


GUYK said...

Well, I told ya I wuz proud of ya..
and then you still had the energy to clean up after me from the work I did on the shop and then helped me spread some dirt...wait..this is a blog and I don't want people to get the wrong impression. I mean soil..we don't spread dirt.

Erica said...

OK, fine. I'm proud of you, too. Good job.

I could use a bit of a cheering section myself, as I have a long road ahead of me in the Shedding Serious Poundage Department.

Anonymous said...

45 minutes on a tread mill is nothing to sneeze at... and doing weights as well. Every time I question myself, I think, "The average person my age cannot do this. Hell... the average American can't do this."

You are in that realm. The average person cannot do what you're doing. They can't physically or mentally.

H2o said...

Great Job!!! Your making me look bad because I usually ride my bike 6 miles a day but with all the rain I need a paddle boat.