Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well the security situation was solved today. We managed to get it down loaded after calling them on the phone.

The I hate Walmart song on joated is exactly how Guyk feels about walmart. He often tells me that I walk slow except when I enter walmart. Then he states he sees me one minute and the next I am gone.

I liked Chevy Rose's article and Guyk's comment on it.

Leslie has the answer to Erica's too many boobs on our blogs. I could not wait to see how Erica would answer this one, but I soon found it in the comment section. Best laugh of the day.

I found Erica at Jimbo's place too, in the comment section.

BobG was a good read today. Guyk and I throughly enjoyed it.

Thanks for coming by my blog again.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Always nice to make a new friend. I popped over from the Deer Camp Blog.

If I can help in any way, just ask.


GUYK said...

sweetthing..ya need to repair your links.

Erica said...

You found me in Jimbo's comments section?

Oh, God...just please, promise me you won't tell my mother you found me hanging out with the riff-raff...please.

I'll do anything if we can just quietly sweep this under the rug.

Call Me Grandma said...

Hey Sweetthing, I think you are a big hit out here in blog land.

Omnibabe said...

Glad I gave you a good laugh. I was in hysterics when I found that picture, myself!

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Debbie, I put you on my blog roll. Your blog makes a lot of sense.

NICKEL said...

Well Erica, does your mother have a computer? If not, I guess you are safe.

NICKEL said...

call me grandma, thanks for your comments you have made on my blog.

My life is so ordinary & simple most of the time. I find it difficult to write anything with the passion that others are able to submit. Thanks a

Anonymous said...

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