Sunday, February 10, 2008

The continuing saga of sweething and the lawn mower

I drove the riding lawn mower again today, but I started it myself or at least attempted to do so. Guyk came out and helped me start it. I made two swings around the yard.

Tomorrow we are going to the land fill with our trailer load of stuff we have collected. We will not be able to do this after he has surgery so we need to get it done now.

I will continue to drive the tractor until I am comfortable on it. Hopefully that day will come before the grass needs cutting again.

Guyk said I did good. I am pleased to learn how to handle the lawn mower. All knowledge is good.

Thanks for coming by. See you later.


KeesKennis said...

Hi Sweething,
I hear rumours that Guyk has given you a new birthday present. Will you please verify at my site, I'll buy the mower before you use it as an anchor, OK.

none said...

Riding mowers are fun. I like to set them that the highest speed and try to mow the yard without falling off.

I'm sure you'll be zipping along in no time :)

NICKEL said...

Oh, Keeskennis, I am having fun. It is nice to be able to learn new things. I see women all over my neighborhood mowing their lawns. I am pleased to learn how.

Hammer, I am just running it fast enough to cut the grass. Guyk likes to race ours too. I think that must be a boy thing.