Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One year old poodle

Sassie's Little Sister turned 1 year old yesterday. The hard part is behind us on dog training. She is so smart. She is very vocal on what she wants, even to go potty.

We had a fierce storm roll through here yesterday. The wind blew and the shit flew. We got a good rain but now the wind is blowing taking our rain away. It will be cold for the next few days but then spring is on the way and then summer.

Guyk is not looking forward to getting his rotator cuff fixed. But he is looking forward to be able to go fishing.

It will be nice to have this behind us instead of in front. He is enjoying his new denture. He can eat now. His mouth is still a little sore but he gets better every day.

Thanks for coming by. See you soon.


none said...

Happy birthday to your newest pup.

I wish little sister could teach my dogs :)

Anonymous said...

How is that new track working out? my daughter called Wednesday and said she thought she had seen a hummingbird, I went and broke out the feeders, yep they're back. Got one feeding at the kitchen window feeder right now. Around here that's a good sign, it means we can get out and walk too. Have a great weekend.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, hammer.

Jack, we spent so much energy on putting the dam thing together, have not got the energy to get on the treadmill yet, but plan on it today, I hope.

I agree, hummingbirds are beautiful. Thanks.