Sunday, December 16, 2007

Anniversary approaching

We will be married 44 years on the 30th of this month. Guyk continues to amaze me on his ability to tell a story. I hope we have many more years to come together. I love you, Guy.


Jan said...

Nickel, it is not hard to understand why you and guyk have been married for nearly 44 is obvious that you love each other very much, and are supportive of each other, which means everything!


Erica said...

I think it's very sweet popping in here and/or CJC finding the two of you writing love notes to each other, or him picking a rose for you.


It's a wonderful thing, what the two of you have.

rockync said...

Happy Anniversary and I wish you two many, many more anniversaries to come.

NICKEL said...

Thank you, Jan, Erica, & Rocky.

Anonymous said...

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