Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's all in how you look at it.

I was amazed at Chevy Rose's article on 7-18-07. Not only surprised at what she said & how she said it but I rolled on the floor laughing & I was amazed at her ability to think in this manner.

Here I am very serious about physical exercise, in fact, serious about everything, & she does and exercise in semantics!

Guyk and I graduated from college after he retired. His degree was in history and mine was in psychology.

I chose to work for the state of Florida for the dept of children and families. Humor was frowned upon. Being appropriate & politically correct was the name of the game.

Then there were the forms. Fill in the appropriate spaces with no mistakes.

Since I retired several years ago, I have tried to move away from this cubicle but after so many years of training it still remains hard to break out of the box.

Thanks Chevy Rose for making my day so much lighter. You have a great gift in how you look at the world. Thanks.


Jack said...

That's OK Sweetthing, getting out of the box can be difficult. I finally got into retirement 8 years after retiring, I tried twice to fit back in to the working world. All I got was frustration and disgust. I simply can't play the politically correct game and the employer's don't like direct, blunt feedback like something smelly being called what it is. One of those two employers has since changed ownership and has expanded business, the other is offshore. You can contribute an awful lot to the blogosphere where some of us appreciate your efforts and still enjoy the experience.:)

GUYK said...

To be truthful about it I majored in the GI bill

Chevy Rose said...

I'm flattered you came by my place, and had a good laugh.
My daddy was always my inspiration that "one good laugh a day, does make the rest bearable".

Oh, and as a former cop, I DO know about all the forms and the time needed to be sure all the "t" are crossed, etc.
I sometimes miss the old days in the West, "If the horse he's on is stolen, then he sits on it as the rope is tied to the tree at his hanging"...No forms needed. But that's just me.

Call Me Grandma said...

Hey sweetthing, thanks for coming by Grandma's. It nice to know we have so much in common. It's all in what you eat.