Friday, November 16, 2007

Finding a hairdresser

We finally found a hairdresser we both like. She gave me a great haircut. She cut Guyk's hair like he wanted and trimmed his beard. She will get better at trimming his beard. One side of his beard goes one way and the other side goes the other way.

We had some of that great catfish for lunch today.

It was a good day.


Jack said...

That's great Nickel, I found a hairdresser that is just great at both womens and mens hair. I just hate to go to a new barber. This one I found as a fluke of luck. Her predecessor was murdered. One of the girl's working there was the wife's hairdresser, being instantly out of work, she talked this lady into taking over the business, she and her husband bought it out from the heirs of the previous owner, so far it's been a great success story. I was there one day waiting for the wife and she asked if I wanted a haircut too, the rest is history.

NICKEL said...

That's great Jack. It is nice isn't it to have someone who does this service well.

H2o said...

If I lived closer I would cut and trim Guy's hair. Not to many people know I cut hair and I volunteer my time over at the nursing home once a month. It's fun.