Sunday, November 25, 2007

Poinsettias are beautiful

Guyk brought me home a beautiful poinsettia plant today. My mom used to grow them in her front yard, but she lived in Tampa and it is much warmer there than here in Homosassa.

Guyk usually does a Sunday school lesson on Sunday's but he just couldn't get there today. I look forward to his Sunday school lessons. He is a good story teller.

Thanks for coming by. See you.


The Hermit said...

We like those too. I was going to buy some last weekend at Home Depot but Miriam told me they were not real. So we'll get some when we find the real deal.

sue said...

I love poinsettias. I can't imagine having them in your yard... that must be beautiful when they're all 'blooming'.

Be sure you don't let the pups chew on 'em!

What? No pictures? ;)