Sunday, November 4, 2007


I got up at 4 AM but really it was 5 AM. This is not as bad as getting up at 4AM but it really is 3AM. Either way I feel like my body is in jet lag.

I get the same thing when we go to Oklahoma. They are on central time but my body is on eastern time.

The time bugs me! I am for leaving the time alone. Granted we must have time zones, but we don't have to have daylight saving time.


hoosierboy said...

I am with you on this. Indiana went decades without observing DST. We just started having to move the clocks last year.

pamibe said...

I'm with you; leave the time alone! They just do it to mess with us... :(

Jan said...

Nickel..I'm with you...I just wish they'd let time be what it is, was..heck, you know what I mean. inspired me to get a it yesterday, and like it much better than the Gazelle.

NICKEL said...

Thanks Hoosierboy and Pamibe. Now if they would only listen to us.

Jan, congratulations. I hope to get a new one after Guyk gets all his teeth done. I was really tired after raking pine needles yesterday, so I had a hard time getting on treadmill this morning. But after I did, it felt so good to exercise again.