Monday, November 12, 2007

Tough Love?

It is hard for me to believe that you could have a knee replaced one day and go home the next like our new friend, Kenny.
They sent him home with a machine to manipulate his leg 6 hours out of the day. This must be medicine's answer for Tough Love. What happened to in-home physical therapy?
I mean even if physical therapy came with a whip, at least you would have a cheering section and some one to say "Good Job". How is your spouse suppose to know if you are extending your leg sufficiently, I mean, unless they are a physical therapist.

The major problem is that if you do not extend the leg and make it work normally, the knee will be stiff and then you will be limping and then your spine will be out of line and so on.

Another good friend, h2o must have this done this summer and after Kenny's story she is not looking forward to it.

In addition, Guyk is going to have to have this done eventually. One of his knees just goes out from under him when he is on his feet to long. I can just see me now telling him it is time to put his leg in the machine for some manipulation. He will throw the nearest object at me! He might obey a male physical therapist.

Me, I continue to worry about my hips. I have osteopenia so I continue on my tread mill and after that I do my ten deep knee bends as instructed by my physical therapist after my back surgery.

Exercise strengths the muscles and builds new bone or so I am told. I sure hope so, because it is a lot of work on my part.


H20 said...

I have to say I'm really nervous. I was fitted with a new knee brace today in hopes that it will help support my knee some what. I have fallen 3 times in the past month and this is not a good thing because of my previous 2 back surgeries.
Your doing the right thing by using the treadmill. Keep up the good work!

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Becky. I hope you don't fall any more. That would be very scary for me. Take care.

The Hermit said...

At the risk of aggravating people, my dad had a knee operation last year and they really messed him up. He is worse off than he was. I have knee problems but I am taking some supplement my wife found that is supposed to help and I am toughing it out as long as I can.

NICKEL said...

I know Hermit, there are some real quacks out there. I was very fortunate to find a good surgeon for my back. He does knees too. Guy's brother-in has had three knee replacements all with good results. Go figure. Take care.

Jack said...

Glad it's working for you, there are days my glass knee feels like is crushed glass, exercise helps but it is awfull hard to get motivated to use it when it is grinding. I find it better to walk than to use the treadmill, less pain and something to see besides the wall.

Anonymous said...

... my mother is currently recovering from having one of her knees replaced.... physical therapy is THE KEY to recovery....


NICKEL said...

Well, you have to go some where else in your mind. I walk around Waurika Lake while I am on the tread mill. Sorry your knees are so bad.

Anonymous, I agree. Physical therapy is the answer provided you get a good therapist and then you have to follow thru with the therapy after they leave. It is a lot of work.