Thursday, September 20, 2007


Orin Wilson who stared in the movie Wedding Crashers is out of rehab and now has a caretaker to follow him around so that he does not indulge in alcohol or drugs. Someone to say, Don't touch that! 24 hours a day.

Well, that is about as helpful as birth control for rabbits. Every 5 minutes you run out to the rabbit hutch and yell, CUT THAT OUT! To late. The male rabbit has already positioned himself behind the female and after an EEK EEK EEK the rabbit falls over with a stupid grin on his face.

Orin can now contend it is not his fault if he gets into the drugs or alcohol. The caretaker was not watching carefully enough.

Maybe he'll come out of this a better actor. I hope so. We are running out of actors that really had character like John Wayne.


rockync said...

When did men get so wimpy? Can you imagine ole John Wayne needing a nanny? Nope, he'd take care of his own problems and take responsibility for his actions. I miss the guys who were like that; Steve McQueen, Yul Brenner, Charles Bronson,etc

Hammer said...

I miss John Wayne. Todays actors are pretty much worthless human beings in my opinion.

JDP said...

Maybe Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears should do the same thing oh and Paris Hilton also.


Chevy Rose said...

It could also be because the studios don't go to the lengths anymore that they once did to hide the stupidty of their actors from the paying public.

Most of our idols were big drinkers included The Duke, Gable, "Bogie", and how about the closet Gays (remember Rock Hudson, and James Dean?)?

We just know too much information about these folks today.
I always liked Roy Rogers. He couldn't act, but could sing and rode a beautiful horse.

Jack said...

They are over the age of reason, just like Spears, Lohan and Hilton, as you are well aware those of us who have had a drinking problem are the only ones that can really stop it, Orin Wilson is only using rehab as a crutch, if he doesn't stop he'll end up like William Holden, or worse he'll take some innocents with him. I wish him the best but I know better.

Jan said...

Not to mention the fact that most of them can hardly act, hammer.

Some of the older actors earned that title, but not many today.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Rocky, Hammer, JDP, Chevy Rose, Jack, and Jan, all of you are right on the money. Thanks again.