Thursday, September 13, 2007

Never a dull moment.

My sick headache finally turned me loose. Thank goodness. I take an anti-seizure medication daily and that generally holds my headache at bay. I was able to get back on my treadmill today. It felt really good to get back to normal after having a headache for so long.

I'm much happier with our solution for Ms Sassie now. She can't last much longer. When she is asleep, I have to touch her to wake her up and she acts like she doesn't know where she is for a few minutes. She sleeps 90% of her day. She is a wonderful dog. I know everyone that loves dogs has had a dog like her. She is a one of a kind.

Now Little Sister she is an entirely different story. She is all dog and more like a male dog than a female dog. And a yip yip dog. To be so little, it is hard to believe she can make that much noise. She gives me much enjoyment and aggravation all rolled into one pup. Even as I am trying to write this blog, she is wanting me to play ball and will not take no for an answer. Then after throwing the ball for a while, we have to go potty. After we potty she wants to play ball again.


H2o said...

Never a dull momment huh?

Jan said...

Nickel...I'm really, really, glad that your migraine is gone. I know they can knock you completely off your feet sometimes.

I wish your little dog could get is hard, watching her suffer like that.

Even if she does give you dirty looks after you give her breathing treatments, and brush her teeth...she still loves you, and knows that you love her.

Isn't it something how we end up being willing slaves to our little critters?

NICKEL said...

You got that right, Jan.

Debbie said...

I have bad news. Our dog, Puddin, had to be put to sleep yesterday. What a HORRIBLE experience. I never want to go through that again.

We had no choice, she was old and sick, couldn't walk. We had carried her for the past 9 months and she just got worse. She weighed 90 pounds, but kept losing weight.

Hug your puppy.

BobG said...

Hopefully, when the time comes, she will go in her sleep.

sue said...

We really love our sweet critters, don't we?