Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Erica stated in her blog today that because she judged Guyk to be so smart that I must be the 2nd smartest due to osmosis. I sure wish it was that easy. Guyk started reading when he was very young. His family had a lot of school teachers and others that really valued an education. I started reading for pleasure when we were stationed in Turkey because we had no TV. And the only reason I started reading then was because Guyk encouraged me to do so. I started with Micky Spillane.

When I started college, it was like my brain was an empty sponge. I took in everything. But my understanding of world history and American history did not make since to me until Guyk showed me how to look at the whole world and what was going on in it at any one time, rather than an isolated event.

After college I started work for the state and never read another book that was not work related until after I retired. Since that time I have read a lot of books about the romans and other historical novels. Along the way I have tried to pick Guyk's brain. I take notes and often refer back to them.

Guyk has without a doubt impacted my life, but my smartness is all mine. I worked hard for all of it. And it is also something that no one can take away.

The osmosis part can't occur because everything I learn is learned through all my filters of my brain and believe me, I have many. I can parrot Guyk but to actually talk about a subject, I would have to write it down and think about it a while.

Guyk can speak or write on any subject in a manner of minutes. He loves his blog and it shows.

Thanks anyway, Erica.


TexasFred said...

Yeah, well, he might have the most smarts but you got the 'looks', thank God... :)

pamibe said...

I read that earlier and thought: "she's not far off".

I've learned a lot from my husband. He's one of the most intelligent people I've ever met... He's explained things to me so that they finally made sense, like math. So I think osmosis is a good way to explain what we pick up from our spouses... ;)

H2o said...

Well said...

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Texasfred.

Thanks, Pamibe & H2o

Hammer said...

That makes a lot of sense.

College was so difficult for me because the professors refused to show the big picture.

Reading makes all the difference.

Jan said...

I really like this post, Nickel.

I think you and guyk keep each other on your toes...it's great when both in a relationship are intelligent!

GUYK said...

Jan, Intelligent? BAWAHAHAHAHAHA I have been accused of taking lessons from a box of rocks and even then nothing sunk in because my head wuz too damn hard

NICKEL said...

It could be Hammer that they didn't know how to show the big picture. There are teachers and then there are good teachers.

Thanks, Jan. Since I got my own computer, blogging has given us a common activity. Before it was just yard work and reading. Occasionally fishing. I love blogging. It has made my life complete.