Sunday, September 23, 2007

A good week

This has been a good week. I was able to do upper body exercises and work on the treadmill 7 days in a row. That is a record for me.

It is raining this afternoon, a good rain too. Today is the first day of fall. The love bugs are out and covering everything everywhere.

Guyk goes to the eye doctor tomorrow. He is worried about losing his sight in that one eye.

As soon as I sit down to work on the computer, Little Sister poodle brings her rope toy for me to play with her. Ms Sassie poodle, she sleeps most of the time. Little Sister will be 7 months old this coming Wednesday. Glad we got her.


Maeve said...

Little sister sure is darling. I forget how full of energy puppies are.

JDP said...

I wish I was as determined as you, I need to ride my eccercise bike at least every other day. I often forget:)


Chevy Rose said...

Ain't dogs just like kids? The minute they see you doing something that isn't about them, they demand some attention.

NICKEL said...

Maeve, she can sure worry me to death with her wanting to play. But then there is such peace when she crashes.

JDP, I do my exercises before I do anything else, but I don't have MS either. Won't it be great when they find a cure for MS.

Chevy Rose, you are so right.