Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guyk's Sunday School lesson

Please read Guyk's lesson for Sunday School. You won't be disappointed. He does this so well. It seems so easy for him, but actually he puts a lot of time into it.

His Sunday School lesson is the best part of my day on Sundays.

We got a very good rain today. Didn't like the thunder and lightning but the rain was so welcome. We have been so dry.


Anonymous said...

I love thunderstorms, but I could do without the lightning. It does a lot of damage to my equipment if I don't have time to scurry around disconnecting and shutting off the gear.

vw bug said...

I love his Sunday School lessons, even if I don't usually comment on them. And I really enjoyed the rain we had today. My yard needed it!

Jan said...

I love thunderstorms, and the sound of the rain.

I remember that when we lived in Florida, there seemed to be some kind of thunderstorm, almost every afternoon!