Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ms Sassie

Guyk took the cutest picture of Ms Sassie turning up her nose at her hotdog after she did her breathing and I brushed her teeth. We managed to get her toe nails cut this afternoon. They were getting so long.

Guyk went to eye doctor today. He has a hole in his eye. They are sending him to see a specialist in this type of thing. He knew he couldn't see well out of that eye, but they could not find the problem until now. I'm glad they finally found it.


Jan said...

Nickel..what a precious looking little thing!

I hate it that she is so ill.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Jan.

sue said...

Holding good thoughts...for you all.

H2o said...

I'm happy they found the problem before it could get worse. Give the big Guy a hug for me.

BobG said...

Make sure he gets his eye fixed; he doesn't need to be walking around bumping into things.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Sue.

I will, h2o.

Bobg, if there is one thing Guyk values, it is his sight. He loves to read and work on his computer. He has put himself back on a diet because he has gained some weight and that is bad for a diabetic. We have too many friends with missing limbs and eyesight. Thanks.