Sunday, October 28, 2007

All is well with my world

Guyk wrote a good Sunday school lesson today. His whole blog was good today as usual.
His spirits have risen. I am glad he is no longer down and depressed.

Guyk needs to get all of his teeth pulled. We are making plans to go to Brunswick, Ga where a dentist is that takes our GI dental insurance. Our good friend Catfish has been instrumental in helping us find this dentist. We are going to take the trailer to Georgia in mid Jan. Guyk has an appointment on the 15 of Jan of 2008. Then comes the fun part of dentures.

There is a state park where we plan to park the trailer about 3 miles from the dentist's office. Guyk is hoping for some more good shrimp like Catfish brought us in Helen.

But all he can eat right now are soft foods. He has been needing to get this done for some time. It has now come to a must get this done.

But Guyk's spirits are high so all is right with my world.


JDP said...

Good to see things are looking better.


NICKEL said...

Me too, JDP. Thanks.

Jan said...

Wow, Nickel, maybe that is one reason he has not been feeling his best, lately. They say that dental problems can really affect your whole system, and especially the heart. It causes inflammation, affecting the membrane covering the heart...good thing he's going to get that taken care of soon.

NICKEL said...

Thanks Jan. No, we didn't know that about the heart but I knew bad teeth can put poison into your system and bring down your whole defense system.

In addition, it makes you feel bad. A tooth ache is no fun. Thanks for your comment and info.

H2o said...

I hope things start getting better for him. Sending you both a big hug!

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Becky.

Anonymous said...

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