Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting back to regular routine

I forgot to say that I met V-Man at Helen. After we got home I remembered that I had met Kim. Then I remembered that Kim was V-Man. We didn't have a conversation but that was O.K. I am just an old lady and he is a man of the world. He is on my blog role.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I have exercised. After exercising this morning, my body is yelling at me. It will take a few days to get back into it and then the yelling will stop.

It actually rained this morning. We have been so dry.

I love having my laptop back.



Maeve said...

Honey, Vman is just a man. He puts his on same as the rest of them.
Wish I could of met you and Guy last weekend. Maybe next year.

NICKEL said...

Maeve, thanks. There is a blog meet in Texas this next Spring. It is so great to meet the bloggers we have been talking to.

I know that V-man is just a man, but being an old lady, I am of a different generation and a female, so not much in common there, but thanks.