Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wonders never cease! It is raining this morning and it is suppose to cool down a bit. It is about time since it is almost November.

Guyk missed one of his tests yesterday at the diagnostic center so he has to go back on Thursday for the last test.

We are having for lunch today the fresh water fish(can't spell) that Guyk and Paul caught at Rex's place this past Spring.

It is Wednesday so it is trash day. Guess I'll go put it out.

See you later.


H2o said...

Some fish sounds really good right now. Hope you enjoy it.

Marian said...

I still got some in the freezer from Rex's. I think I will pull it out and have it Friday. Thanks Penny for reminding me...Oh, did you know that you have been tagged for a meme? Go check out my site!

NICKEL said...

Becky, we did enjoy it.
Marian, thanks a bunch.

Editor said...

thanks for the link, got a spooky story for you tomorrow.