Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday in Helen

Guyk and I found the nearest walmart from Helen. He stayed with the pups and I went shopping.

This afternoon Catfish brought Guyk 30 lbs of fresh shrimp. Guyk was very happy to get them.

We put the shrimp in bags and in the freezer. Guyk and Catfish have gone back to the party in town. Me and the pups stayed at the trailer, my choice.

We almost froze last night. There was frost on the grass this AM. We bought 2 blankets at walmart.

My brother who lives in Georgia is coming in the morning and spending the week-end with us. Have not seen him for a while. Looking forward to the visit.

It was a good day.


H2o said...

Sounds like your having yourself a pretty good time. Tell everyone I said hello.

BobG said...

Hope the weather holds up for you down there.

Chevy Rose said...

Houston has cooled off also. 66 this morning.
Have fun!

The Hermit said...

Nickel, It was great to meet you and Guyk. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Be careful going home.

Jack said...

Frost, well I've been expecting it for over a month here. Have fun, winter can be so miserably long.

JDP said...

I wish we could get a good frost here to kill the ragweed and the web worms.


Erica said...

Nice to have seen you again, Sweetthing. And good to also meet your brother, Jim.

CODY said...

look at my blog

NICKEL said...

Becky, you would have had a ball. They had a blow-up plastic sheep with a caution on the blow-up hole...DO NOT USE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS IN THIS AREA! So they used a broom in this area to wave it around like a flag. Nuts, one and all.

Bobg, the weather was great the whole time we were there. It was hot in Fl when we left and hot when we got back.

Thanks, Chevy Rose, looking forward to when it cools off here.

And Hermit, it was great to meet you and your wife. Maybe we will have the opportunity to meet again since you live so close to my brother, Jim.

Jack, winter is the best weather in Fl. I love those southern nights.

JDP, if Texas is anything like Okla you may get your wish.

Erica, it was great to see you too. I am glad you had such a good time.