Saturday, October 6, 2007

What the hell is a meme?

JDP decided that I didn't have enough to do so he decided to tag me for this project, MEME. I had to go to the dictionary and look up the word, if it was a word. The dictionary stated it was an idea, behavior, style.

Guyk was also tagged by JDP so I went to his site to see how to do this.

My blog is a brand new baby. We bought a laptop computer for our vacation this past Spring. Guyk wanted to keep up with his blog while on vacation and also write about our blog meet in Kerrville, Tx. Since we now had two computers, Guyk likes his set on the desk, I wanted to have my own blog.

The worst thing in the world to be is ignorant. And when it came to the blog world, I was ignorant. I did not even know enough to be able to tell his blog world if he was no longer on this earth.

Guyk and many blog friends have helped me. They not only helped me but helped me very willingly and often gave me hints without my asking. And they still do.

My blog took the name of sweetthing because that is what Guyk called me in his blog. I took the name of nickel because when I worked outside my home my bosses often upgraded me to a nickel.

I love being able to blog. I love reading the blogs. I know this is going to be very interesting this coming year with the elections.

Chevy Rose, Jan, Sue, Maeve, and Nancy have been tagged for this crazy thing. Thanks a bunch.


JDP said...

Don't feel bad, I had to look it up on Wickipedia to see what in the heck it was.


NICKEL said...

I am glad that I was not the only one that didn't know what it meant. It was an exercise in links too.

Maeve said...

I'm allergic to exersize......

sue said...


Chevy Rose said...

Done also and tuckered out. Think I'll take a nap.

NICKEL said...

Maeve, Sue and Chevy Rose, Thanks. I forgot to tell you that you were suppose to name five people also. Thanks again.

Hammer said...

I had to look up the word too.

The internet is great for that kind of stuff.

I was going to ask you what nickel meant.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

You know, bloggers are like that, at least the folks I read. A lot of them will give you the shirt off their back. They'll hook you up with new stuff and info at the drop of a hat. Love this world, and so glad I found it when I did.

Zooomabooma said...

Hello! If you're interesting in looking into the world of memes that you can do, check out

Many people find them to be a good excuse to do a little blogging when you don't necessarily have anything to say.

I like Sunday's Unconscious Muttering best!

See ya :)

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