Friday, October 26, 2007

The Tasmanian devil had an accident

Little Sister, the poodle pup, AKA Tasmanian Devil, went out side this am. As we came back in, she got out of the lease and went 90 miles an hour under the bed, back through the living room. As she left the living room she ran out of carpet and hit the tile in the kitchen. All of a sudden, her legs were out from under her and she went sliding. When she got up she was limping and she hasn't been the same since.

I was just bitching yesterday about her wanting me to play with her all the time. Well today she has just been very quiet. I felt bad that she hurt herself. Guyk said that children and puppies do these things. That she will be fine. I sure hope so. I miss my Tasmanian Devil.


rockync said...

Give her a day or two, she probably pulled a muscle. Our border collie wories us to death when she starts charging around the house, jumping on and off chairs! Hopefully Little Sister will be back to normal.

pamibe said...

That's a puppy for you! Thank goodness Bree will be a year old next month!

Like Rocky said, if she can put some weight on it there's probably nothing more wrong than a pulled muscle.

If she won't, and it persists more than three days I'd take her to the vet; could be a torn cruciate.

But I'd be willing to bet she's barreling through the house again in no time! :)

NICKEL said...

Thanks Rocky and Pamibe. I look forward to her running thru the house again. She did play some with her toy rope yesterday. Thanks, again.

Hammer said...

They go crazy after a bath too.

I hope she's better soon.

Anonymous said...

My old dog Sam takes the same medicines for bad knees that I do, and his cost more than mine! We both limp along the trails when we go walking but we still enjoy life. Your young dog will be fine, Nickel, she probably just feels a little sore this morning.

Jack said...

Like rockync said she probably pulled a muscle, a big danger for any dog is high jumping up or down, it can lead to arthritis or displasia. My old hound growled and complained every time we put him in or took him out of the vehicle, he was too old to get there by himself and too independent to not growl about it. Loved him just the same, he no longer is in misery.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Hammer. She is trying to play ball now.

Thanks, Hermit. Miss Sassie Poodle knows all about being old.

Thanks Jack. Guyk limps around our place with Little Sister. Miss Sassie allows she is too tired to go.

JDP said...

I hope she is better today.


Marian said...

The little tasmanian devil will get over it. I love the way you described the accident. I do hope she is better by now. :)