Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little Sister the poodle pup

I had such enjoyment reading down my blog roll yesterday. I didn't get very far because as soon as I set down here comes Little Sister the poodle pup wanting to play. We took a rope like Doyle told us to do, braided it and made a rope toy for Little Sister. She loves it. She wants to carry it everywhere. We put knots in it. She picks it up and shakes it and bangs the knots on the floor. She loves making an impact on her environment.

The same thing applies when I go to the bathroom. Here she comes with her rope toy to play. Play with me!


Maeve said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that cannot take a pee in peace.
Between my son and two dogs, I've just given up on trying to close the door.

vw bug said...

I'm with you and maeve... I don't bother closing the door anymore. Even my hubby has been known to come by ... sigh... Looks like she is ready to play!

Hammer said...

Poodles are feisty. That's what makes them such entertaining pets.

Chevy Rose said...

My 'boys' follow me into the bathroom too.
They have huge rawhides that they gnaw on and once those begin to look real yucky, I give them new ones.

NICKEL said...

Maeve, even if you close the door, they stand at the door and cry. It would be so quiet without them.

VW Bug, thanks. She is always ready to play, except when she crashes. Then after a good nap, she is ready to go again.

Thanks Hammer, she is entertaining.

Chevy Rose, I agree, those rawhides get very yucky. Thanks.

Jack said...

My daughter's dog is like that, all play and he's a bit rough, but he lives for me to visit, bringing the leash or his toy monkey that's all chewed up, problem is the brute is a loveable 90 lbs. He loves to jump on the gandkids trampoline, that would hurt me. He'd kill for a smoked pigs ear though. Sigh, I'm off to visit again today.

Marian said...

I enjoy your post so much Penny. I laugh so hard sometimes, I cry!