Monday, August 20, 2007

And the heat goes on.

It is suppose to be 95 degrees today but it feels like 105.

We didn't get the blood test done. The lab was short of help and running way behind. We are going to get it done in the morning before he has his x-rays.

We did get Little Sister's stitches out.

Guyk mowed the lawn and I did the weed eating. We are both very tired. This heat just does you under.


Hammer said...

I've been doing the yard work at night. It helps a little but not much as the humidity is still there.

rockync said...

The heat here just won't give up. Even when there is a little breeze, it's so hot, like the devil himself is breathing down your back! I've taken to wearing skirts to work, no stockings, no slip, just underwear. At least I get a little ventilation that way. :)

Bou said...

I am so ready for Fall. Even my so Bones said something to me about it. You know when the kids are sick of the weather, it is time. We eat outside a lot when the weather is cool. So we're tired of eating 'in'.