Friday, August 31, 2007

End of the month blues.

I was just bitching the other day about flea meds, heartworms & end of the month bills.

Now it is time to do it again. Oh well, time flies when you are having fun, right?

Spent the morning at wally world and the afternoon putting it away.


Anonymous said...

I have ambivilent feelings about the end of the month, too. My kids are students in Canada. On the last day of the month, they each go to the bank and get their rent money ($750 each) for their apartments,and their living expense money ($1000 a month each). My wife and I also cover tution, medical expenses, school needs, etc. The end of the month is expensive. That's why we are just staying home this labor day weekend instead of going somewhere fun. But,what better investment to make than in our kids?

H2o said...

Reading Hermit's expenses I think I rather deal with my cat's flea medication.

NICKEL said...

Well, Hermit, I hope they know how lucky they are to have parents that care if they get an education.

I with you, h2o, I'll just deal with the bills and flea meds too.

Debbie said...

We use Heart Guard, and Frontline for our dogs. I buy the multi-dose packs, and my vet gives me one dose FREE. Can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

It's a hard world, and my wife and I won't be around forever. We had some bad times when we got out of the service, because I knew little of business and didn't do very well as a "business man." We want our kids to have good, marketable skills, so they can get good jobs and never have to worry about money, or go without. My son is very smart, but he is dyslexic and has a speech impediment. If he can be successful at his school, and they get him a good job with a company,as they have promised to do, he will be ok. My daughter would be fine at whatever she wanted to do, but this lets her work in a field she chose herself.