Monday, August 27, 2007

A peaceful exercise

I have so much peace while I am on the tread mill. I try to place myself on the lake in Waurika, Ok. The other day on the news they said at an exercise salon a man was making so much noise on his exercise bike that others in the salon could not exercise. They told him to shut up but he continued. The teacher would not do anything. They said he was making grunting sounds and saying,"you go girl". One of the exercisers picked up the man and his bike and threw them again the wall.

Well, so much for that exercise session. There would be no peace found there but lots to talk about. I have never been to a public gym but grunting and bike throwing were not in my thoughts when I thought about going to a gym.

I guess I have just led a sheltered life.


Hammer said...

I saw on the news where golds gym banned grunting as it distracts others.

My father opened up his own fitness center years ago. The place was full of grunters. It was considered normal and actually beneficial for body builders.

Personally I could live without it.

rockync said...

Thankfully, I go to the gym at the park for strength training and use the treadmill at home. The gym is usually empty when I'm there so I guess I could fart the Star Spangled Banner without disturbing anybody.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

What I can't stand is the grunting in Tennis. What the hell is that all about?

GUYK said...

bawahahaha FHB..them gotdam tennis rackets are heavy!

Bou said...

well, I never hear grunting in the cardio room, but I do hear it in the weight section at times. Our sign says no profanity. They don't care about grunting. I just always expected that was pretty normal.