Saturday, August 11, 2007

My trials & tribulations of doctors & vets

The exercise of the day was weed-eating in this sauna called Florida living. I was doing great until I broke the weed-eater. Guyk must buy a new one. He is in charge of buying all high-tech equipment!

Since I am no longer working outside the home, I don't have contact with other women except on this blog. I was surprised at the number of women who have the same problem I do when it comes to getting their old man to the doctor. Guyk has stated several times I was directly responsible for saving his life because I insisted he go to VA after he retired from the Air Force. He only had high blood pressure at first, but then on one of his appointments, they found he had diabetes. He could have gone into a coma and I would have never known what happened until it was to late.

HAMMER, being the typical male and having the same thought pattern as Guyk, said that he thought that doctors learned their craft from the Spanish inquisition.

Guyk stated he did not care that they learned their craft at the Spanish inquisition as long as they were not late for his appointment!

Debbie said if it was not for good women like us where would our men be.

Rockync said she agreed that spouses were terrible when it comes to going to the doctor.

Chevy Rose stated her old man invented Grouchiness.

Pamibe set up the appointment for her old man to have his colonscope. She said he allowed drinking that awful stuff before hand was the worst part.

Doyle who I thought was a male, until yesterday, when Guyk and I were working in the yard and we were discussing what Doyle had said about a chew toy for Little Sister. Doyle had no comment on her old man but she did have a good idea for using a rope with knots as a chew toy.

So now that Little Sister is fixed and doing so well and Guyk made it through his new doctor's appointment, I can relax because the new doctor is a female and Guyk likes her.

Since we still have blood tests, x-rays and colonscope to do yet, we will continue this saga at a later time.


Jack said...

Sheesh, dear lady, I though I was alone. I call the wife my barefoot doctor, she's all over my butt all the time. Worse yet she blabs to my real doctor, I can't do a thing without getting busted.:) Been a diabetic near on 20 years now and before I was diagnosed I did slip into a coma. All you ladies out there, STAY ON HIS BUTT!!! We don't like to go to laundromats, lingeree departments or doctors. My apologies Guy, and get her that weedeater, it doesn't sound like she needs a new axe.

NICKEL said...

Jack, hooray for your wife. I am so glad I am not alone in my fight to keep my man around. I loved your comment. I immediately told Guyk what you had said. He laughed. Thanks.

doyle said...

Sweetthing: I thought (Doyle) was a male.

Identifying myself with only part of my name has caused confusion on more than one occasion, I admit. It's hysterical, though, when I voice a political opinion on a blog, and the site owner and others replying automatically assume I'm a guy because of my no-nonsense tone.

Like the only thing wimmens are supposed say are fluttery and fluffy? I DON'T think so.

As for leaving no comment on the constant battles involved in getting a husband to go to the doctor . . . I lost more of those arguments than I won, and Hubby last October.

So, Guy. When Sweetthing says move it, you damned well do what that woman says.

GUYK said...

Thanks Doyle. I remeber when you lost your husband and my apologies for not telling sweetthing

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Doyle, for your comment. I cried. I think you really got to Guyk. He tries really hard to stay in this world most of the time but he just has no patience and most of the time he is in pain. Just to set & wait on anything drives him crazy.

If I didn't want to keep him around, I would just leave and let him make his own appointment with whatever doctor he chose. The problem is he would never make the appointment. I have to take care of him in spite of him.

We know an acquaintance who is over weight, and does not take care of himself, is diabetic, and about to lose a foot.

During our past vacation, I realized that if something happened to Guyk that I would not even know how to tell his blogging world that he was no longer here.

We previously only had one computer and he reads so fast and I read slow. Plus his computer area fits him. I did not feel comfortable in front of it. But with this lap top, I have made my own space.

I am so glad you have the blogging world to communicate with. It has made such a difference in my life. It has opened a whole new door that I never knew existed. I have to think now. It feels so good to use my brain again.

I am sorry your husband is no longer a part of this world.

Thank you for helping me keep mine.

doyle said...

No apologies necessary, Guy. But whachit if you don't go to the quacks when Sweetthing says, too. Now that she has her own blog, we'll ALL know.

Retired DCFS, Sweetthing? Not me although I, too, am retired (It was an early-out window, dang it!)from the social services "zoo,"

Mine was local agency in NE Florida.

Pleased to meecha!