Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Same old thing, hot and hotter

We got past Guyk's dermatology appointment with flying colors. He has an appointment for this time next year.

We got his x-rays done today. His eye appointment is tomorrow.

Guyk bought 3 Hibiscus plants yesterday. We got them planted this morning.

The weather man is teasing us with news that it may rain this week-end. Hope so. Hot again today.


Hammer said...

Glad to hear things are looking good at the doctors. Hope you get your rain.

Jack said...

Glad you got some Hibiscus plants, they can be a bit tricky to raise, I have three now, started with six but shared two with the neighbors and one died. Slow growing things up north, maybe you will have better success. One is 4 years old and has never blossomed, I thought it was going to this year but those buds turned into new leaves. I'm going to relocate it this winter to a sunnier location. If nothing else it teaches you patience. but there isn't much any prettier or longer blooming either.

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Hammer, rain would be good.

It was cooler this morning when I walked the pups.

NICKEL said...

Jack, these Hibiscus plants came with blooms but we are in the South. Ours state they can not tolerate a temperature lower than 40 degrees.

Does it freeze where you are in Washington State?

You must have a northern Hibiscus.

Jack said...

Just saw your plants, they're beautiful, yes it freezes here, not too bad where I'm at but where I picked up the plants I've seen it -20 for over a week. I've had the type you have, lets just call them an annual here. the others I have are a shrub or small flowering tree.