Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Terrorist and Hostage

Guyk put a link on his blog of a terrorist and hostage game. He is having a ball with it. A fellow blogger sent it to him.

I went through the house this morning looking for Little Sister to see what she was into since she can't have any breakfast. I have looked in all the rooms and can't find her and then then there she is behind me!

I will be glad when she gets home from vet and we do not have to go that way again soon. My only consolation is that I will be spared the mess of an animal in heat. We have reframed from visiting a friend's home in Lakeland because they have a male dog and we did not know when Little Sister would be in heat. Now we will be able to go and take Little Sister to show her off. We do not take Sassie because it is to hot and Sassie can't get her breath. Their male dog is just a 2 year old and he is all over Sassie, just like Little Sister.


Maeve said...

It is much easier and a lot less messier with a animal that has been fixed.
Cats in heat are the worst!

H2o said...

I had my male fixed as soon as he was the right weight and then I had him declawed while the vet was at it.

H2o said...

That should have said male cat. Sorry.

rockync said...

Once they are neutured you have a little kid for life. They can stay puppy like, no responsibilities, you can take them everywhere... hey, that doesn't sound too bad, shame I'm too old now to be neutered. ;)

pamibe said...

Good for you!!

I had Bree spayed at 6 months! Not going through that again; I waited too late with my last collie and she had to wear panties!
She didn't mind at all, and I got her to the vet to be spayed as soon as possible afterwards, but I could have done without all that. ;)

NICKEL said...

Thanks, Maeve. Guyk and I talked about how nice you were on the way home with Little Sister.

NICKEL said...

So, Becky, you took away his play house and his claws?

I know they can destroy your furniture with their claws. And a male cat has a bad odor unless they are fixed.

Thanks for stopping by.

NICKEL said...

Rocky, I was neutered at 25 years old. Never pregnant. I had endometriosis. Fortunately, they also removed the cervix. Unfortunately, they tacked the bladder to the pelvic bone and the bladder has given me grief for years.
I had bladder surgery in 1992 but it still gives me grief. I have taken hormones since I was 25 & stay alert for breast cancer.

So, Rocky, be careful what you ask for.

I thought your comment was great.

Sorry for the trip down memory lane.

And you can say, Well, thank you for sharing. You told me much more than I really wanted to know!!!

Thanks for coming by. Please do so again.

NICKEL said...

Pamibe, that is what I was afraid was going to happen to us if we did not get her done soon.

imp said...

how's she doing?
Napping and snorting I would imagine...bless her heart.

rockync said...

Nickel, thanks for sharing and I really mean that. It must have been terrible to go through that so young. I've talked to docs who tell me that tacking the bladder doesn't help at all and actually can cause problems as I guess you've discovered. Too late for you, but nice to know they don't do that any more. I had kidney surgery years ago and was left with some loss of function. Leaves me susceptible to infections and has weakened my bladder, so I have to make sure not to laugh too hard or cough too much .... I'll get you can guess what happens next :)

Maeve said...

Aw thanks Sweetthing. I think you both are pretty awesome. :)

NICKEL said...

Rocky, I am so glad you are not mad at me for carrying on so about being fixed. I have not had time to go back to the computer until today. I had to take Guyk to doctor yesterday.

He went, but kicking and screaming!

Anyway, my bladder won't drain properly. So once a day I get it to drain by peeing while I shower, since I'm standing gravity takes over. I wear Serenity pads. I use the Dri-active Ultra thin 24 to a package. They are high. Five dollars a package. But they are well worth the expense. They allow me to do what ever I want to do. Your clothing needs to fit tight in order for it to be most comfortable. So if I have a pair of loose fitting slacks, I wear a size smaller in bike shorts over my underwear and everything stays in place. I get these bike shorts at Walmart. About $6 each. I have about 6 pair of them. I wear a pair under my shorts when I am on the treadmill. I would encourage you to try them if you have not, then you can laugh or cough or whatever, no problem.

rockync said...

Nickel, I'm not too bad yet, but no doubt I will end up there eventually. Sometimes it's hell being a woman. I worked for a doctor who had a sex change (male to female). He then proceeded to tell anyone he could corner what "we women" are doing wrong. Arrogant SOB. If only they knew what it was really like to be female.