Saturday, August 4, 2007

Panic attack

This morning I was trying to find something to do because I knew that Guyk wanted to sleep in. We have to close the bedroom door so the pups can't jump on the bed and wake him up. I have to do this as soon as me and the pups get up.

So I decided to write on my blog. First windows would not come up because it had some problems. Gateway used it's go back program to find a place where there were no problems. That got done. Then I had no server. We had just had roadrunner install a router so my laptop would work faster. I couldn't believe I had no internet.
Panic sat in. I was so happy being a blogger and now it was gone. My whole day is ruined. Am I addicted already? Well, I guess so. Doesn't matter. Wake up Guyk.

He was real sweet about getting up. It took him less than one minute to fix the problem. Boy am I glad he is around and knows how to fix this sucker.

I know windows is punishing me because I closed two tabs at the same time yesterday. Well, no more of that. If windows says don't do that, then by golly don't do that.

Must not fuck with windows or windows will get you.

Since this morning it has been a great day and I have learned still one more way to do something on this computer. Guyk went to pick up his guns that he had to wait 3 days for and I had a good work-out program with weights and treadmill.

Tomorrow's exercise program is to put in 180 centipede plugs in the lawn. I can't wait. But if it works right, our lawn will look much better.


BobG said...

Wish I could use a treadmill, but it twinges my knee. Plain old walking doesn't bother my knee at all. Weird, huh?

GUYK said...

I can't use the teeadmill nor do much walking either..a mile and I am done for two days because of my knees..hell, just following sweetthing around wally world does me under...I may start rising that gotdam electric cart and get me an air horn so people will get out of my way..

Jack said...

The treadmill kills my knees and lower back, I try to take short hikes instead. I spent two days on the carport roof pressure washing and haven't been worth killing since. Just got home and took a Vicodin because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Windows seems to get harelipped from time to time, Bill Gates should be ashamed to put something out that is so unreliable, but he got rich because he's uses the law not logic.
I saw this and thought of your dogs. Enjoy!!!

NICKEL said...

Bobg, my treadmill is set for up hill. It is a cheap walmart special. My brother-in-law has one of those fancy ones that will go up or down hill. I have my pace set at about 2.5 to 2.7. When I walk, I do not walk near that fast. My feet hurt when I first start but it goes away. Plus I listen to my favorite music and try to place myself back in Okla walking around the lake. It was beautiful there. It had up and down areas and along the way and I could feel it in my knees much more than the treadmill. But my knees got used to it. The best thing about the treadmill is that you are not weather depend. It is so hot and humid here in the summer. In the winter, the weather is great if it is not raining. Walking outside is best for good mental health. We will have to stop by and see you if we ever get that trip up to Oregon. Do you ever come to Florida?

NICKEL said...

Guyk, you have to get the next cripple sticker. O.K. ?

NICKEL said...

Jack, I am glad you can take short hikes. Guyk and I are hoping in a year or two to get another truck that is big enough to pull our rig over the mountains. He wants to go fishing with the River Dog. I am hoping we can met Bobg in Utah and you in Washington state. We were stationed in Great falls, Montana and we visited San Fransisco once but that is all the West we have seen.

We could not make your link work.

Bou said...

"must not fuck with windows or windows will get you" I laughed out loud at that! I think that is written in stone somewhere...

NICKEL said...

I think so too, Bou, but I believe the original was mother nature, but with computers, same, same.

Dick said...

Yep, you'll figure it out as ya go.
The panic was amusing though. Thanks for the smile.

NICKEL said...

Dick, your welcome. Come on, fess up. You were laughing your head off, right. That's OK, I love your comments. Thanks.

Erica said...

Re: what Bou word!

I never took you as the casually throwing around expletives type.

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